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Wine growing

History of wine growing in the village is substantiated from 13th century. Šaradice counts among winery villages of Mutěnice winery area and Slovácko sub-region.

Order of Brno Augustinians at Old Brno significantly contributed to wine growing. As a result of reconstruction of old garner in 1740 – 1742 “Residence” emerged. J. G. Mendel, founder of genetics, stayed in this representation residence and forward-looking abbot Cyril Napp lived here. So called well-preserved Loyder cellar with pressing shop from 1745 is connected with wine growing. It underwent careful restoration in 1997. Mendel winery society which, through its activities, tries to support tourism and culture within wine production context is trying to follow up the history. 

You can buy variety quality wines as well as predicated ones with fresh nature, fine acidity and distinct variety aroma at local wine-growers.