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How to become the elderly

It is not easy to become the elderly

The elderlies take part in the feast – their role is respectable to the highest degree. In the past those elderlies were even elected in public election of Šardice boys. Two elderlies have always won the election and were responsible for all feasts in the village for all year; they used to introduce solos and paid attention to observance of order. Well-preserved words of one father to his son in Šardice testify to prestige of the elderliness: „You bastard, if you are not the elderly, suck it and see! One cow had already fallen in sacrifice of it we’ll need another one soon so try hard!“ Such an applicant used to collect votes with even paying beers in the pub. Big frays between the applicants occurred in the village during elections of the elderlies in 1909. This is why fame of Šardice´s elderlies was seriously disrupted and the elections of the elderlies were cancelled. After the war the elderness was restored again. The elderlies are no longer elected in public elections. In recent years, the youths reach mutual agreement about who will be the elderly for each year.