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Youth Music

Artistic director and conductor: Roman Kohoutek

Brass music “Mladá muzika Šardice” was established in 1980. The body has now about 45 members, including permanent singers and it performs in traditional Moravian-Slovakian (slovácký) costumes. 16 is the average age of its members.
Repertory consists of folk songs as well as pieces of concert nature. The body also plays for march and collaborates with local majorettes. Each June, the body organizes traditional parade of youth brass bands as well as traditional concerts. The body has performed in concerts in Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, Japan and it has produced four music media – Až budu veliký (When I am Adult), Dík za vychování (Thanks for Bringing Up), Potkal jsem růžičku (I met a Little Rose) and O našej lásce (About Our Love). Several directors and conductors have changed in their leadership since Mladá muzika (Youth Music) had been founded. Josef Ištvánek, a music teacher led the body in 1990. He could make use of his long-term experience in leading “Veselá muzika” (Cheerful music) and “Dolanka” in Ratíškovice.

Under direction of J. Ištvánek the body achieved fast upturn and it achieved many acknowledgements, e. g. 1st prize in Belgain Neerpelt in 1991, 1st prize with honour in Bavarian Bamberk in 1992, 1st prize with honour in Zlaté pásmo (Golden Belt) in German
Füssenu in 1995 and many other significant acknowledgements. In 2000 the body made its longest trip to far-away Japan where it took part in festival of youth in Shizuoka. Stanislav Pěnčík, who took part in the festival in Japan with Mladá muzika, wrote a news report. In December 2002, J. Ištvánek finished his pedagogical activity for the health reasons. After J. Ištvánek left Stanislav Řihák, Marek Bureš and Petr Jašek led the Mladá muzika. In 2006 the music course – brass instruments went over to ZUŠ Kyjov (Basic School of Art) and music teacher, Kroměříž Conservatory graduate, Roman Kohoutek started to lead the body. This student of J. Ištvánek played in Mladá muzika since his music beginnings so he perfectly knew situation in the body, which was surely a big advantage for his leadership.
Mladá muzika, under leadership of Roman Kohoutek, has achieved the biggest success in 2007 when it took part in competition in wind instruments of Basic Schools of Art in which it achieved the 1st prize in its category and it became an absolute winner of regional round and moved on central round which took place in Litvínov. Mladá muzika achieved the 1st prize in this category here and it took second prize of 27 orchestras of Basic Schools of Art in all the country. Zdeněk Mikel, Tomáš Marada, Ivo Zoubek and Jakub Krejčí were awarded with special prizes of the jury for solo performances and further Mladá muzika received one of two main prizes – a trumpet by AMATI DENAK.